We bloom for you

We bloom for you 

We bloom for you

But wait, who are you? 

Are you amongst those who trample us underfoot even when you see us adorning the ground? 

Or are you amongst the ones that will tread nimbly, even tiptoe, to avoid crushing us, 

Mindful that we are offerings to the Earth?


Are you amongst those who will buy and sell us just before a religious festival

To adorn your gods, then throw us away, even before we have lost our bloom? 

Or are you amongst the ones who will wear us in your hair, arrange us in a vase, 

Keeping us till we ourselves decide to fade and pass away? 

Are you amongst those who make garlands of us, to put on VIPs, 

Only to chuck us away as soon as you have ingratiated yourself to them? 

Or are you amongst the ones for whom we are the VIPs, 

Not to be prostrated to, but simply to be respected? 

Are you amongst those who, on seeing a profusion of us on a sidewalk, 

Blame the sweeper for not yet clearing the streets? 

Or are you amongst the ones who will revel in such profusion, 

Bending down, pick one of us up to wonder at the shape and colour and fragrance? 

Who are you? 

Whoever you are, we still bloom for you

For ours is not to judge, our love does not discriminate

We are offerings to the Earth, and

We bloom for you. 

(as whispered to me by flowers on my morning walk today)

Ashish Kothari, Pune 

8 October 2022

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