Where the mind is without fear

Where the Mind is Without Fear 

(In honor of Rabindranath Tagore) 

Where Amazon is an endless rainforest, not an endless orgy of shopping 

Where the Cloud is lavishly rain-bearing, not a data-loaded aid to snooping   

Where Reliance is what you have in your friends, not some capitalist’s hand in your pocket 

Where Apple is a delicious fruit for all to adore, not a company with a rotten core 

Into that world, my Indigenous friend, lead us

Where Shell is that wondrous thing we find on the seaside, not a corporation that tears up the oceans 

Where Twitter is what birds do in the sky, not the playground of the chatterati 

Where Jaguars are cats stalking their prey in jungles, not knocking down pedestrians on city streets 

Where Microsoft is the gentle touch of a mother, not a monopolistic profit machine

Into that world, my ecofeminist friend, lead us

Where my Face is a Book, but not to be sold to surveillance regimes 

Where Musk is a Himalayan deer’s fragrant gland, not a fat-cat helping the rich to escape to Mars

Where Gautam is a teacher of compassion, not the head of a rapacious Indian corporation 

Where Smart is 40000 years of Australian aborigines living with the earth, not what IBM wants to make the planet

Into that world, my young climate justice friend, lead us 

Where religion at its radical core is about compassion, not a dogmatic theocratic fashion

Where power is everyone’s birthright, not the prerogative of a centralized state 

Where intelligence is what nature has given us, not something forged in labs

Where wealth is a measure of wellbeing, not what puts you on the Forbes (500) list

Into that world, my ‘disabled’ friend, lead us 

Into that world without fear and dread, let us all lead and be led,

Into that world, only a seeming impossibility, let us now boldly tread. 

Ashish Kothari 

August 2022 

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